About WKBA

The WKBA (World Kun-Tai-Ko Budo Association) was founded by Lucien Victor Ott in 
Dec, 1st 1958

STyLEs within WKBA  (Styles)

A modern martial art, based on Self-Defense, Karate and many other stiles.

A martial art with its roots in Okinawa/Japan. Strikes, punches and kicks are the main used techniques in this stile.

From japanese samurai decended unarmed self-defense system.

A stand-up combat sport based on kicking and punching.

Goshin Jitsu
A self-defense system using techniques from various traditional combat sports. 

Sochin ryu Kobudo
A martial art using various traditional japanes weapons

A martial art and olympic sport using throws,  joint locks and chokes. 

Latest from WKBA

interstage 2023

The next interstage is in Brannenburg / Germany 16./17.  September

 More informations comming soon at www.kun-tai-ko.com/aktuelles

new Gradings in WKBA in 2019-2021

higher Gradings (Dan, Renshi/Shihan etc.) within WKBA (not from Country Organisation)

Upcoming Events

Interstage 2023 in Brannenburg/Germany

Other WKBA Seminars/Events