The WKBA (World Kun-Tai-Ko Budo Association) was founded in December1st 1958 by Soke Lucien Victor Ott, who created the stile Kun-Tai-Ko in 1957 out of different martial arts. 
At this time Lucien V. Ott was training in the dojo of Henri Plee and was already holding several higher ranks in different martial arts, as he met Tetsuji Murakami in Plee´s dojo. Tetsuji Murakami became the sensei of Lusicen V. Ott in Karate and Aikido. 
Soke Ott wanted to connect all these martial arts and self-defense systems (coming out of the french military forces, the base of Soke Ott was selfedefense), he wanted to join all this together in one efficient system without useles parts, but still keeping the japanese philosophie and art.  


Lucien Victor Ott
* 21.12.1931 in Algeria
+ 10.02.1990 in Brussels/Belgium
10. Dan (in memoriam) Kun-Tai-Ko and other high ranks in Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Judo and other martial arts
One of the greatest European martial arts experts only reached the age of 58 years. His name will be unforgotten in the countries of France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Switzerland and Germany. He has worked together with top athletes like Thom Harrinck, Dominique Valera, Ennio Falsoni, Robert Clark an many other and provide his skills to the French movies. Almost all action scenes from the old “Eddie-Constantin-Movies” are stunt doubled by Lucien Ott.
He already joined the French school of “Ecole d´Education Millitair et du Combat” in 1950. He made his first experience about the aggression and behaviour of people in stress situations in the war of Indochina.
He intends to work for all those who are a possible target in the economic or political centre and to specialize in the direction of security and self-defence.
Maitre Ott became a US Marine Corps Instructor, Security Advisor to the Barcelona Olympic Committee and founded a Security Association in Belgium. The Royal Belgian Police Guard was trained under his direction for years and his seminars for police officers in France and Spain were also an international meeting place.
On April 19, 1988, the US police presented him with the Hall of Fame Honor Award for his achievements in security matters.
As a martial arts expert, the former stuntman, parachutist and legionnaire developed the martial art "Kun-Tai-Ko" together with his master "Murakami", in which he also worked as honorary president of the world association WKBA in his last years.
The founding of the "IBA" (International Body-Guard Association) and the training of IBA experts was his last personal mission and many celebrities, including France's President Charles de Gaulle, have him to thank for their personal protection.
His final resting place is in Anderlecht (Brussels), Avenue du soldat Britannique, Belgium.

Meaning of the kanji used in Kun-Tai-Ko and the meaning of the name itself by Andi Lorenz